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Celebrating a tradition that stems from the Golden Age of the Roman Empire. A tradition as grand as the Coliseum that was built to contain it. An eternity ago it thrived, but for centuries since, it was but an empty shell. However, that which once left spectators breathless and amazed, the very Heart of Rome, lives on today.

Not far from the ancient ruins, where echoes of roaring crowds can still be heard, lies San Fiore, Italy. It is there, in the 1840’s, where the Tradition was reborn with descendants of the great charioteers, two master equestrian families whose blood lines crossed, producing some of the finest equestrian acrobats the world has ever seen. Now, seven generations, each generation intensifying their craft, gives rise to a whole new breed of equestrian performer.

Today, the legacy continues as the family torch is passed on to four brothers, brothers with the passion and know-how of their ancestors, driven by the Heart of Rome, brothers at the beating center of an epic collaboration, Cavallo Equestrian Arts.